The KIT1150 is Matrix’s own vacuum accessory, compatible with all our machines that have an optional vacuum facility. It comes as standard with a full range of extra accessories, making it a flexible addition to your steam cleaning arsenal.

  • Optional Vacuum Kit
  • Easily assembled directly on to
    • 4×4 SD5KW
    • 4×4 SD10KW
    • 4×4 SD20KW
  • Vacuumated tool kit supplied as standard

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Vacuum Power 1200 Watts
Vacuum Volume 20 Litres
This vacuum facility is optionally available for quick clean-up of slip and fall surfaces, walls, glass and most flat surfaces.Ideal for many food plant applications.

Included as standard

6m Steam & Vacuum Hose

Code: 30RM00022

Extension Tube 500mm x 2

Code: 30RM00023

Extension Tube 250mm x 1

Code: 30RM00024

Floor Brush 300mm

Code: 30RM00025

Rubber Insert Floor Brush 300mm

Code: 30RM00026


Code: 30RM00027

Upholstery Tool

Code: 30RM00028

Short Steam & Vacuum Lance

Code: 30RM00029

Long Steam & Vacuum Lance

Code: 30RM00030

Angled Tube

Code: 30RM00031

Triangular Brush

Code: 30RM00032

Crevice Tool

Code: 30RM00033

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