Gum Blaster

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Discarded chewing gum could be set for a sticky end in Preston as Council bosses look at new technology to blast gum into orbit. Over 3.5 billion bits of chewing gum litter the UK’s streets every year leaving a tell tale sticky mess for all to see. It’s a long, difficult job to remove the gum using traditional scraping and freezing methods so Preston is looking at a high-tech solution.

Councillor Jonathan Saksena, Mayor of Preston said:
“This is yet another initiative Preston City Council are looking at to reflect the pride of the people, chewing gum gets on your shoes and makes the streets look a real mess. It sticks like superglue and it’s a nightmare to clean. We want to tackle this problem head on and hopefully, the gum-busting machine is something that we can take forward in the future.”


  • The demonstration comes on the back of a string of campaigns to spruce up Preston including Just bin it, City Clean and the No Litter Promise.
  • The special steam blaster has been designed and built by Steam Clean UK, (now Matrix Cleaning Systems) a local firm based at Walton-Le-Dale.
  • The gum blaster uses steam to fire chewing gum off all kinds of surfaces including paving, concrete, stone, asphalt and most carpets.
  • Chewing gum pollution is removed via a high temperature low-pressure steam, and an environmentally friendly cleaning agent using a maximum of 25 litres of water per day. The steam cleaning approach is environmentally friendly with very little noise pollution and no obstruction to the public.

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