Much more than a Gum Busting machine

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UK manufacturer’s powerful outdoor steam system GTS offers a solution to many challenging cleaning issues.

Affordable and Multifunctional
“Manufactured in stainless steel, and sitting on its bright yellow trolley mounted with a quality generator, this machine turns heads when it is operated around the streets of town centres. It is equally at home being used to tackle various cleaning tasks, such as, cleaning bins, signage, seating, doorways, bus shelters, fly poster removal and of course chewing gum removal. It’s got a great combination of user friendliness, reliability and robustness, can be operated by one person up to 8 hours during the working day.”

Steam is injected with the detergent as it is released from the cleaning head and the gum is instantly heated by the steam to 175/180°C. On chewing gum the effect is dramatic. This combination of heat and biodegradable detergent removes the stickiness from the gum, which is simultaneously dissolved. Steam also keeps water wastage to a minimum, listed on DEFRA’s water saving technology list.
Excellent on external surfaces such as pavements, concrete and stone, the easy removal of the machine from the trolley allows the steam cleaning process suitable for internal flooring, carpets, upholstery and entrance mats and washrooms, a favourite for shopping malls. Because fresh sticky gum, although spat out onto the street, will always be trodden inside.

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