Sweeping Changes For Clean Machines

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Tackling the sticky problem of chewing gum on the streets of Newham borough is being tackled with new steam cleaning machines.

The units, which feature high-pressured steam jets are being used by council staff to rid the streets of unsightly gum in the latest stage of Newham’s drive to make the borough a place where people choose to live, work and stay.

The new GR8888 machines, supplied by Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment to Newham Council can clear up to 300 square metres a day and are already out in force across the borough. Mayor Sir Robin Wales was on hand to press the new cleaners into service. He said: “As well using this new machinery to rid our streets of unsightly gum we’ll be giving litter louts something to chew over by issuing more fixed penalty fines to anyone caught dirtying our streets.”

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