Steam – Detergent – Vacuum

The Matrix OMEGA8 is a powerful, 8 bar medical steam cleaning machine which has been designed and built specifically for the health industry.

Made from powder-coated Zintec steel this machine is durable, lightweight and compact featuring a continuous fill boiler system. With its integral vacuum system, steam cleaning becomes highly efficient leaving surfaces clean and dry. More powerful than smaller OMEGA systems, this machine is ideal for environments that require frequent heavy-duty cleaning.

The OMEGA8 is environmentally friendly, and like the OMEGA4 has been certified in removing many ‘super bugs’ – including MRSA.

This machine is supplied with a complete set of accessories.

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Steam Pressure (bar) 8
Vacuum Yes
Detergent Yes
Capacities (Litres)
Water Tank 5
Detergent Tank 2.5
Boiler 3.3
Vacuum Tank 12
Vacuum Motor (W) 850
Supply Voltage (V) 240
Boiler (W) 3000
Nominal Input Power (W) 3000
Power Cable Length (M) 10
Main Power Switch
Manual Steam Valve
35 Kilo

Included as standard

4m Hose for Steam, Vacuum & Detergent
Code: 15RM00031

250mm Glass Washer (window squeegee)
Code: 15RM00008

150mm Steam & Vacuum Nozzle
Code: 15RM00040

150mm Steam & Vacuum Brush Attachment
Code: 15RM00041

150mm Steam & Vacuum Squeegee Attachment
Code: 15RM00042

Short Steam Lance in Plastic
Code: 15RM00055

Extension Tube with red locking button for steam & vacuum (X 2 with each machine)
Code: 15RM00003

Upholstery Suction Tool
Code: 15RM00013

Crevice Tool
Code: 15RM00043

Steam & Vacuum Gulper Nozzle
Code: 15RM00056

400mm Floor Brush Nozzle
Code: 15RM00027

400mm Floor Brush Insert
Code: 15RM00028

400mm Squeegee Insert
Code: 15RM00029

400mm Carpet Insert
Code: 15RM00030

Round Polyester Detail Brush (small push fit) (X 5 with each machine)
Code: 15RM00019

Round Brass Detail Brush (small push fit) (X 5 with each machine)
Code: 15RM00020

Long Steam Lance
Code: 15RM00050

Short Steam Lance
Code: 15RM00051

95mm Triangular Brush
Code: 15RM00057

Ice Scraper
Code: 15RM00058

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