4×4 SD10KW

The 4×4 SD10KW is a 10 bar 16 Amp 3 phase Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine with a steam and detergent facility. A powerful machine without the added weight of its larger brother, the SD20KW, this steam cleaner is more than capable of handling most industrial cleaning needs with ease. The durable stainless steel construction ensures hardiness, whilst the continuous fill boiler means that there is no downtime whilst the machine reheats during cleaning.

A hardy, capable machine with optional vacuum accessories, the SD10KW is an ideal machine for most industrial cleaning usage.

  • Suitable for Industrial Enviroments
  • Where steam & detergent is required (vacuum optional)
  • Stainless Steel body, Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Continuous Fill boiler allowing refill with no reheat time
  • 10 Bar Pressure
  • 3-phase steam cleaner
  • Detergent Delivery system
  • Steam regulator to control the volume of steam
  • Full steam & detergent too kit as standard (vacuum optional)

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Steam Pressure (bar) 10
Vacuum Optional*
Detergent Yes
Capacities (Litres)
Water Tank 20
Detergent Tank 2 x 5 Ltrs
Boiler 4.5
Supply Voltage (V) 415~50Hz
Boiler (W) 10,000
Nominal Input Power (W) 5100
Power Cable Length (M) 10
Main Power Switch
Manual Steam Valve
63 Kilo
*Vacuum kit available, please see additional data sheet (KIT1150)

Included as standard

6m Steam Lance
Code: 30RM00019

Large Round Brush Brass
Code: 30RM00012

Medium Round Brush Brass
Code: 30RM00015

Small Round Brush Brass
Code: 30RM00018

Large Round Brush Stainless Steel
Code: 30RM00010

Medium Round Brush Stainless Steel
Code: 30RM00013

Small Round Brush Stainless Steel
Code: 30RM00016

Safety Gloves
Code: 30RM00020

Large Round Brush Nylon
Code: 30RM00011

Medium Round Brush Nylon
Code: 30RM00014

Small Round Brush Nylon
Code: 30RM00017

Safety Glasses
Code: 30RM00021

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