Matrix Cleaning systems offers a comprehensive training schedule to all operators. We recognise the importance of training is required to ensure steam cleaning machines are used safely, correctly and efficiently in all aspects.

  • All training carried out will be by a qualified member of our E.O.S (Education of Steam) team. On successful completion of training a certificate will be issued to each individual. M.O.T (Machine Operator Training) Certificates the training on a machine model. 
  • We are also able to offer a certificate for individuals who are competent to train others in the use of steam cleaners. This will need to be satisfied by an EOS assessor. T.T.T (Train the Trainer) Certification to train others and issue MOT certificate to those trained.

Steam Education

All machines are only as good as those who use them. Understanding why the operator is using a steam machine is key. So at Matrix, we educate all, from the customer who is considering the purchase, we ask why, where, who, when and then offer the best machine. Followed by MOT & TTT training on site and certificated by the Matrix Team.