4×4 SD5KW

Entry level 3 phase 9 Bar, tough and powerful steam cleaning machine

The 4x4SD5KW is lighter and more compact that other industrial steam cleaners, but still packs a punch delivering steam at 9 Bar pressure. The 4x4SD5KW is ideal for smaller industrial environments that still require serious cleaning capacity. Whether it is a food processing site or light industrial engineering, this machine is more than capable of achieving the desired results. Easily manoeuvrable and simple to operate, makes this machine a very popular model for those environments where areas are difficult to clean due to lack of space.

Full steam and detergent kits are supplied as standard. An optional vacuum kit is also available (KIT1000), this will allow you to easily remove any residue from surfaces and in particular floor areas which will also prevent any slips and trips in the workplace.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Continuous fill boiler (allowing refill at any time during operation)
  • Steam regulator to adjust the power of the steam
  • Versatile heavy duty machine
  • Industrial puncture proof all terrain wheels

Included as standard

Height [cm] 103
Depth [cm] 101
Width [cm] 54
Weight [kg] 58
Steam Pressure [bar] 9
Detergent [litres] 10
Water Reserve [litres] 5
Boiler Capacity[litres]


Voltage [v] 400
Power Cable Length [m] 4

*Vacuum kit available, please see additional data sheet (KIT1150)

4×4 SD5KW Data Sheet