Industrial Sector Steam Cleaning Machines

Matrix Cleaning Systems is at the forefront of steam cleaning machines being the only UK manufacturer of a range of cleaning machines for the Industrial sector. Offering industrial steam cleaning machines in 110v, 240v or 380v, single and 3 phase machines operating between 8 and 10 bar pressure. Designed specifically for the Industrial market where reliability and robustness is essential in allowing our clients to achieve their desired results to improve cleanliness and improved hygiene standards.

The implementation of Dry Steam reduces water usage and has helped to allow for Matrix Steam Cleaning Machines to be given the DEFRA accreditation as a water saving technology and has also allowed for the reduction in chemicals used in our production lines. We can now offer Belt Cleaning Systems which can assist in extending the benefits of using Matrix Steam Cleaning Machines for the cleaning of conveyor belt systems within the Industrial market.

4×4 SDV8

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8 bar pressure single phase industrial steam cleaning.

4×4 SD5KW

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9 bar 16 Amp 3 phase industrial steam cleaning machine.

4×4 SD10KW

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10 bar 16 Amp 3 phase industrial steam cleaning machine.

4×4 SD20KW

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10 bar 32 Amp 3 phase industrial steam cleaning machine.


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Optional Vacuum Kit.