Professional steam cleaning systems for housekeeping.

“Unique”; “revolutionary”, how those two words have become cleaning industry cliché’s! However, in the case of steam cleaning, how entirely accurate. Steam cleaning requires only common sense and minimal training yet produces professional results that has literally revolutionised the cleaning process in a way that no other system or piece of equipment quite has.

The usual solution to a greasy floor is to wash the area with a mop.  All this does is spread the problem, literally, until the floor becomes ingrained with grime, full of thriving bacteria, and could cause a slip or fall. A danger to staff and the general public alike. Superheated dry steam, applied under pressure not only dissolves grease and grime in no time, but also kills bacteria lurking in the smallest of cracks and crevices and along the tile grout line, leaving surfaces clean, dry, sanitised and most of all, safe.   

Commercial kitchen areas in hotels, sport stadia and restaurants are particularly vulnerable to spills, stains and grease, and with environmental health regulations and food standards increasing it is critical that areas can be cleaned quickly and effectively. 

The use of steam is ideally suited for the fitness and health centre environment, proving to have many uses for cleaning lounge and reception area carpets and upholstery, sanitising surfaces in catering areas, degreasing exercise equipment and sun beds, it can even be used in washroom facilities, and around swimming pools and spas.


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Steam Mop. 


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4.5 bar pressure steam cleaning machine.


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4.5 bar medical steam cleaning machine.