The UK’s leading steam cleaning machine manufacturer

Matrix is now recognised as the UK’s leading steam cleaning machine manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of high quality light commercial to industrial 4.5, 8 and 10 bar cleaning systems. With our head office based in Lancashire and a network of nationwide partners we provide the world’s best steam cleaners which are made in Britain by Matrix. We pride ourselves on efficiency and offer a quality service.

At Matrix we design, specify and manufacture our own machines, which means we are able to implement new technology very quickly and bring to market improvements and changes by customer demand and offer bespoke machine models including own label. Our manufacturing facility in Lancashire holds not only machines but also accessories and spares to support existing customers. This guarantees we can deliver large orders in a very short time frame, a luxury not always available from internationally based manufacturing companies.

Steam cleaning is excellent for a deep clean and can be used to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

This will prevent the spread of contagious diseases that are so common in many environments such as washrooms, kitchens, education, healthcare and transport. Steam cleaning technology used daily will make the difference.

Engineer Training

Matrix can offer on site at their Leyland offices, thorough engineer training on steam machine maintenance, fault diagnosis and repair. These courses need to be pre booked by contacting our office and speaking with the Technical Department, these courses are complimentary. Alternatively we have the facility to offer training remotely by using skype, thus eliminating the need for your engineers to travel and also take them away from their work for any lengthy amount of time.

Service & Maintenance 

At Matrix we believe that the prevention is better than cure, and all electrical equipment should be checked by a qualified professional on an annual basis to ensure that no fault have developed within the equipment. Our steam cleaners are no different and this is why Matrix offer a “Preventative maintenance package” that can be tailored to suit your machine and your requirements.

Taking out a Service Contract will help to ensure that

  • The machine will always operate to its maximum performance
  • Reliability will be at the highest level
  • Downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum
  • Your machine will retain a better residual value with a full history

Another benefit by carrying out routine maintenance is that the Matrix engineers will carry out any new modifications (if applicable) to improve the reliability and performance of the machines. This type of work will only be carried out at the discretion of the company.

Matrix offers 3 types of service plans, Platinum, Gold and Silver. For more information about this contact Matrix and ask for the Technical Department.

In addition to servicing and maintenance, machine descaling can be offered at a set price, once again this is detailed on our website.

Payments of the Service Contract could not be easier. One payment, once a year and your machine(s) can be completely covered for any eventuality and you can then be reassured that your ownership of a Matrix machine will be trouble free.