3 Phase Vac Kit

Industrial Vacuum Kit tough and powerful for steam cleaning machines

The KIT1000 vac kit fits the 4x4SD5KW and KIT1150 vac kit fits the 4x4SD10KW and 4X4SD20KW. These vac kits are an optional extra and can be purchased for the industrial 3 phase machines.

Easily fitted to the rear of the 3 phase machines, it transforms the capability of your machine in minutes and maximises the full features, meaning that the benefits are clear to be seen when you vacuum all the residue, dirt and grime from any surface in seconds. It can also be used in an emergency solely as a wet vac pick up.

The vacuum is easy to empty and keep clean. When it is not required it can be removed or left on its own support frame on the machine. It requires very little maintenance but should always be cleaned after use to ensure there is no contamination.

  • 1200 Watt Power
  • 20 litres capacity
  • 6 Metre steam and vacuum hose
  • Full set of vacuum accessories
  • Robust mounting frame


Height [cm] 53
Depth [cm] 40
Width [cm] 41
Vacuum Power [watts] 10
Vacuum Volume 1200
Boiler Capacity [litres] 20
Weight of Waste Bucket [Kg] 6.6
Weight of 5KW frame 1.3
Weight of 10/20KW frame [Kg] 1.7
This vacuum facility is optionally available for quick clean-up of slip and fall surfaces, walls, glass and most flat surfaces. Ideal for many food plant applications.

Kit KIT1150 Data Sheet