Steam SaniSpray

Steam SaniSpray

During these unprecedented times like many other suppliers, Matrix Cleaning Systems the leading UK manufacturer of steam machines manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire have had to make many changes to the way we maintain production to meet the global demand for its key products, and how we support by education, training and product demand.

Matrix have introduced the new Steam SaniSpray!

Compatible with all of our single-phase commercial machines, available to fit SO, SD, SV and SDV models. Just fitting onto the machine hose in the same way that you fit the accessories currently supplied. The SaniSpray, when used together with an approved chemical, transforms your steam cleaning machine into a fogging machine. It has been well documented that disinfectant foggers are the ideal way to help reduce the spread of viral infections; infection control fogging disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses and bacteria.
Most importantly prior to using any disinfectant for fogging is the cleaning process that needs to be carried out, using the Matrix steam machine for this purpose gives you an excellent system followed by a process using the SaniSpray with your approved and certified virucidal disinfectant to treat all surfaces both hard and soft. The new tool together with the steam creates a fine mist by using a venturi effect and targets all those hard to reach areas.

The SaniSpray has the added benefit that it can be used to pre spray any surface prior to steam cleaning with an approved detergent. This method can ultimately speed up the cleaning process and offer a deeper clean with improved results. Areas such as degreasing commercial kitchen equipment and soft furnishings such as upholstery can really benefit by adopting this process.

  • Prior to use, ensure that the cleaning and sanitising solution is tested to meet the following standards: BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019. (Coronavirus) in dirty conditions, BS EN1327 (MRSA), BS EN 13704 (CDIFF) and BS EN 1276 (ECOLI).
  • Use as per the manufacturer’s instructions and correct dilution rates.
  • Ensure areas are well ventilated.
  • Wear correct PPE.

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